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July 2011

DezignKidz Interviewed on Sign Up for Camp Blog. is a great resource that helps parents locate and find camps,
and share info and summer schedules with friends. Check it out.

M Magazine, March 2010

The Bay Area’s Best Summer Camps

Blame it on the success of Project Runway or chalk it up to a recession-inspired return to basics. Suddenly the humble needle and thread are cool again and anything related to fashion design is hotter than ever.The DezignKidz camp, geared to ages 7-12, returns this July and sessions have been added to meet the anticipated demand.

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San Jose Mercury News, June 29, 2011

Summertime Divide

Article compares the breadth and availability of desirable summer offerings
(like DezignKidz) in places like Los Altos as compared to less affluent parts of the Bay Area.

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Los Altos Town Crier, July 27, 2011

Creating Wearable Art—Local Parents Host Fashion Camp

Local campers are getting a taste of Seventh Avenue at Covington School this summer.

Almond School parents Durga Kalavagunta and Kathy Bonte initiated DezignKidz three
years ago as a way for children to express themselves. “We try to teach them the whole
process (of fashion design) from concept to completion,” Kalavagunta said.

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My Out & About Magazine, May, 2014

Craft Night is the New Book Club

Bay Area educator and columnist Bronwyn O’Malley talks about
opportunities for creative kids in the Bay Area. Includes a mention of
DezignKidz and our commitment to recycling and repurposing, along
with a great photo of a former DezignKidz camper and her creation.

Los Altos Town Crier, May 6. 2009

Local Moms Start Summer Camp for Young Fashionistas

Durga Kalavagunta of Los Altos and Kathy Bonte of Mountain View, Almond School moms with a background in the design and textile industries, are putting their professional skills to a new use this summer with DezignKidz, a fashion camp for elementary school children

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